One of only few board certified veterinary dentists in the country, Dr. Matson founded Eastside Veterinary Dentistry in 2007 with the goal of providing specialty veterinary dental care for dogs and cats in the Puget Sound area.  After practicing small animal veterinary medicine for many years, his passion for dentistry inspired him to seek accreditation as a board certified veterinary dentist. 

This process involves years of extra training, mentorships, and rigorous examination to ensure patients receiving care from boarded veterinarians receive only the very best from highly skilled practitioners.  He achieved this status in 2003. 

With an impressive resume that includes graduating from WSU with honors in 1985, owning a small animal general practice for more than 20 years, and providing valuable consultation services to veterinarians around the country, Dr. Matson is a compassionate veterinarian and excellent teacher, making the client and patient experience under his care comfortable, practical, and educational.  Outside of work, Dr. Matson enjoys bicycling, driving his Mustang, and relaxing over a latte with his wife.  He is father to three adult sons, an exuberant Alaskan Malamute, and two adorable cats.

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Vet Dental FAQ's

  • Should I brush my pet’s teeth? +

    Yes, just like in humans, pet’s need daily tooth brushing to remove plaque from their teeth. Plaque is the soft, Read More
  • How often should I have my pets teeth cleaned? +

    In most cases, we recommend annual dental cleanings. There are some special situations in which a patient needs their teeth Read More
  • Does my pet need to go under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned? +

    Yes, general anesthesia is required for all dental procedures. With the use of general anesthesia, we keep our patients safe Read More
  • Does my pet need a veterinary dentist? +

    Most routine procedures such as dental examinations, cleanings and extractions can be completed by a veterinarian. There are many cases Read More
  • What should I expect during the dental consultation? +

    A dental consultation is the initial step in addressing your pet’s dental concerns. During the dental evaluation the doctor will Read More
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