Our patients come to us for many reasons, on the top of the list are:

  • Referred from the pet’s regular veterinarian because evaluation by a specialist is needed to make a diagnosis and/or treatment plan.
  • Services are available here that are not available at a regular veterinary office, such as root canal therapy, extensive extractions, or orthodontics.
  • The patient has an illness that affects one of the major organs, such as heart disease, kidney problems, or liver issues.
  • The patient’s family wants to prevent dental disease and learn home care techniques, such as tooth brushing.
  • Anesthetic procedures can be performed quickly and thoroughly, minimizing the time the patient spends under anesthesia and minimizing the risk of complications or the need for additional anesthetic procedures.
  • The patient’s owner would like to explore all options available or is looking for a second opinion before undergoing treatment.

When you bring your pet to a veterinary dental specialist, you can be assured that your pet is receiving the best possible dental care.  As a boarded veterinary dentist, Dr. Matson utilizes advanced techniques and his extensive knowledge of dental health and pathology to provide safe, comfortable, and effective treatment to his patients.

Quick Info

  • Refer a patient +

    We are pleased to work with our referring colleagues. If you have a patient to refer: Please call: 425-820-7000 You can Read More
  • Schedule an Appointment +

    To contact us with questions or to schedule your pet's appointment please call or request an appointment online: Phone: 425.820.7000   Read More
  • Our Services +

    We offer board certified veterinary dental care services to care for all pet dental conditions, disease and injuries. Read More
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Vet Dental FAQ's

  • Should I brush my pet’s teeth? +

    Yes, just like in humans, pet’s need daily tooth brushing to remove plaque from their teeth. Plaque is the soft, Read More
  • How often should I have my pets teeth cleaned? +

    In most cases, we recommend annual dental cleanings. There are some special situations in which a patient needs their teeth Read More
  • Does my pet need to go under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned? +

    Yes, general anesthesia is required for all dental procedures. With the use of general anesthesia, we keep our patients safe Read More
  • Does my pet need a veterinary dentist? +

    Most routine procedures such as dental examinations, cleanings and extractions can be completed by a veterinarian. There are many cases Read More
  • What should I expect during the dental consultation? +

    A dental consultation is the initial step in addressing your pet’s dental concerns. During the dental evaluation the doctor will Read More
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