Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, we will ask for information about your pet’s regular veterinarian and any specialists he or she sees. 

With your permission, we will attempt to obtain copies of your pet’s medical history for review.

Please bring with you to your pet’s appointment:

  • Your pet
  • The pet’s caretaker(s) and/or owner(s).  If the person(s) responsible for the care and/or finances of the pet are unable to attend the consultation, please let us know, so appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • A list of your pet’s medications, supplements, and vitamins including dosages and how often each is administered to the pet
  • Any questions or concerns you have regarding your pet’s dental health
  • Any notes or observations regarding changes in your pet’s health or behavior
  • For new clients, please bring a completed registration form (hyperlink).

Your consultation appointment comprises several components – review of medical history records as provided by your pet’s other health care providers; review of your pet’s current health status as reported by you; a physical examination; and discussion with you regarding treatment options, next steps, and recommendations.  This discussion will focus on the dental health of your pet, addressing problem areas, prevention of disease, and answering questions you may have.  Because dental problems can be complicated and difficult to see, we will provide you with a visual representation of your pet’s mouth indicating identified areas of concern and recommended treatment.  Should treatment of any kind be indicated, we will discuss your options included expected outcomes, recovery, and costs.  Decisions on treatment are made jointly with you, so it is important for the person(s) responsible for the patient are present to ask questions and provide information about the pet’s behavior, routines, and history.

While we focus on dental health, Dr. Matson will be assessing your pet’s overall health.  This is important as the body systems work as a team and problems in one area can affect the function of another.  Additionally, should your pet require an anesthetic procedure, it is important that we are aware of your pet’s general health so that we can adjust our protocol to make the procedure as safe as possible.

Sometimes in the course of a dental consultation, we identify non-dental areas of concern that need to be addressed.  Depending on the individual circumstances, we may recommend diagnostic tests or refer you to your regular veterinarian or to the appropriate specialist for further care. 

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Vet Dental FAQ's

  • Should I brush my pet’s teeth? +

    Yes, just like in humans, pet’s need daily tooth brushing to remove plaque from their teeth. Plaque is the soft, Read More
  • How often should I have my pets teeth cleaned? +

    In most cases, we recommend annual dental cleanings. There are some special situations in which a patient needs their teeth Read More
  • Does my pet need to go under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned? +

    Yes, general anesthesia is required for all dental procedures. With the use of general anesthesia, we keep our patients safe Read More
  • Does my pet need a veterinary dentist? +

    Most routine procedures such as dental examinations, cleanings and extractions can be completed by a veterinarian. There are many cases Read More
  • What should I expect during the dental consultation? +

    A dental consultation is the initial step in addressing your pet’s dental concerns. During the dental evaluation the doctor will Read More
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