Many dental problems require surgical intervention.  This can include, but is not limited to, broken teeth, infections, or bite alignment problems.  If you decide to go forward with a surgical option, we will schedule your pet for surgery.

  Prior to surgery, it is important to keep track of any medications you are giving your pet and notify us as soon as possible if something has changed in your pet’s regimen.  Additionally, if there are any significant changes in your pet’s behavior, appetite, or health, please let us know.

The day of the procedure:

We will ask you to withhold food from your pet for 8 hours prior to your scheduled check-in time.   If your pet takes any medication, please give or withhold medications as instructed by us.

When you arrive for check in, we will ask you several questions and have you sign two forms – authorization to perform the procedure and acknowledgement of the treatment plan.  We will ask questions such as:

  • Has your pet shown any sign of illness in the past 7 days?
  • Does your pet take any medications and when were they last given?
  • Has your pet ever had any reactions to medication?

We will go over the treatment plan with you and answer any remaining questions. 

Once the paperwork and check-in process is complete, your pet will come back to our treatment area and be prepared for surgery.  Many owners choose to leave and go about their day, returning when their pet is ready to go home.  Others choose to wait in our lobby while their pet is being treated.  You are welcome to stay if you prefer.  If you choose to leave the building, we ask that you be available by phone or provide alternate contact person(s) who are authorized to make decisions regarding your pet’s care.

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    We are pleased to work with our referring colleagues. If you have a patient to refer: Please call: 425-820-7000 You can Read More
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    To contact us with questions or to schedule your pet's appointment please call or request an appointment online: Phone: 425.820.7000   Read More
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Vet Dental FAQ's

  • Should I brush my pet’s teeth? +

    Yes, just like in humans, pet’s need daily tooth brushing to remove plaque from their teeth. Plaque is the soft, Read More
  • How often should I have my pets teeth cleaned? +

    In most cases, we recommend annual dental cleanings. There are some special situations in which a patient needs their teeth Read More
  • Does my pet need to go under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned? +

    Yes, general anesthesia is required for all dental procedures. With the use of general anesthesia, we keep our patients safe Read More
  • Does my pet need a veterinary dentist? +

    Most routine procedures such as dental examinations, cleanings and extractions can be completed by a veterinarian. There are many cases Read More
  • What should I expect during the dental consultation? +

    A dental consultation is the initial step in addressing your pet’s dental concerns. During the dental evaluation the doctor will Read More
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